Skyline House BY Jesus Aparicio Architecture Studio


image ©Roland Halbe


Salamanca, Spain

The access to the house is via a platform that connects the private areas of the home and the surrounding countryside. In addition, it connects the nearby forest of oaks with the distant plateau. Therefore, the platform tries to establish a second level, which has the function of a threshold. Consistently with the ambivalent position of the platform, the natural and artificial elements are overlapped: trees, water and rocks interspersed with the concrete podium. Another feature of this house is the connection of the areas by controlling the ineffable nature, the predictable artifice and abstract architecture.The house has a double construction: some perennial parts are built to last in a building which has a primitive implementation and structure (concrete and stone) of a more ephemeral and technical character (where the materials are glass, tile, steel and wood) built to change in times, that responds specifically to the function and facilities.