Los Terrenos BY Tatiana Bilbao


image ©Rory Gardiner


San Pedro Garza García, Mexico

The residence inconspicuously blends into the verdant scenery through a combination of spatial fragmentation and material ingenuity. The house consists of three separate rectilinear volumes, each built in a different material-glass, or earth or wood-which accommodate different functions. Is a notional square in the middle of which sits at the pool, the programmatic components disassembled and reassembled as separate, distinct entities that nevertheless coalesce into a coherent whole . Think about the project, the largest of the three buildings, which accommodates the public functions of the residence, takes the archetypal form of a house: think rectangular plan, gable roof. This one is way to the same time, this quintessential form is undermined by the use of one-way mirrors that reflect the forest around it making the structure practically invisible. It’s only during the night when the lights are turned on indoors that the building is fully materialized. The two of them are sheltered and exposed. A sofa, a dining table in the form of a tree trunk slab and a kitchen island, the room has all the hallmarks of domesticity and yet the immediacy of nature, both visibly through the building’s transparency and tactually though the use of natural materials like wood and clay bricks, upends it in favor of more extroverted and adventurous sensibility that perfectly suits this vacation retreat. The chevron-shaped clay bricks, which in this space are used to create a ceramic latex screen that filters into the daylight, which is an element that can be found throughout the project in different configurations paving for exterior terraces and pathways. It is its ubiquity that ties all the different structures together in the form of an aesthetic or structural uniformity. Built with rammed earth and the project’s trademark clay bricks allowing them to blend into the hillside. A view to the outdoors and to a retractable glass facade. The third floor of the house is located in the middle of the treetops. Similar to the two structures, this is also designed with a formalistic architectural language of quintessential forms which the architect is inconspicuously subverts in response to the natural surroundings and the occupants’ experience.