Laurent Collection BY Lambert & Fils


image ©Lambert & Fils


Lambert & Fils reshapes handmade LED lamps in a minimalist style.
Lambert & Fils is a lighting design studio based in Villeray, a suburb of Montreal (Canada). Founded in 2010 by Samuel Lambert, minimalist aesthetics is inspired primarily by modernism and industrial lines of past concrete. His latest Laurent collection combines the classic Bauhaus sphere with a series of simple sculptural but audacious shapes. His creative concept reduces form to the essential. The volumes are then achieved model based designs and linear surfaces as a subtle sculptures in the air. As Samuel Lambert himself admits, “the more things are removed the more objects they encounter identity”. The charm that cause slender hanging lamps lies in its simplicity. The different models dress the space with original lighting schemes, little seen in the sector. The possibilities are very varied, with groupings of 2, 3, 4 and up to 5 light points. Sometimes placed in a row and others at different heights, their combinations are rather suggestive. In addition, they are available in brass, nickel-plated steel or aluminum painted in black, blue, gold, bordeaux or turquoise. In turn, the nylon cables can be colored separately, which gives even more play to each creation.These elegant ceiling lamps are inspired by different milestones of design and architecture, in which the apparent simplicity of the lines conceals a previous rather elaborate conception Among so many avant-garde, the opal glass and the spherical shape of the light points give the right retro touch: the entire Laurent series, like the rest of the collections in its catalog of lights, is produced in Montreal. To get a final result with this quality and this amazing, they worked on this occasion with a veteran Quebec glassmaker. Undoubtedly, the product obtained is the most attractive, combining well with various styles of furniture. A design that subtly escapes classicism and seeks its own way in interior decoration.