Grow Box BY Merge Architects


image ©John Horner


Lexington, U.S.A.

Grow Box is a 185 m2 home in Lexington, MA, designed for an MIT University Professor, his wife, and their young son. The landscape surrounding the house is in pristine condition, with the elaborate plantings and the 40 different varieties of Japanese maple trees that are painstakingly cultivated and maintained by the clients. Expands beyond the physical limits of the house. The opening design is a compact volume. The slot recessed gardens are organized geometrically by a single foot Himalayan birch tree. This garden, which will collect rain in the winter, underlines one’s experience of the elements as the literal and metaphorical centerpiece of the home. Copious operable windows, sliding doors, and framed views. On the exterior, between the house and the sinuous landscape, both of which are enhanced and obfuscated by the tree-trunk. Large areas of glazing surrounding the gardens and fl oor to ceiling windows re fl ect the surrounding trees and plantings, further blurring the distinction between architecture and nature. On the interior, the deep recessed rectangular proportions of the living room and the privacy of the neighboring houses. The house features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an office, and a fabrication shop in the basement.