Columns collection BY au workshop


image ©au workshop



au workshop’s columns collection is made of PVC tubes and concrete (above) the effluent consolidated concrete makes it easy to handle.
PVC tubes are often used at small scale constructions as concrete shuttering for columns. If the joint elements are not connected properly, concrete bulges occur as a result of the error. budapest-based au workshop has used these errors consciously to create a collection of objects, where the effluent concrete acts as the meaning and the character of the whole concept. The controlled random outflows of the concrete form the footing and the capital of the columns. The studio made lots of different heights and diameters from these elements during the experimental process that together form a diverse group of objects. the project took into consideration that PVC tubes are often invisible in architecture, wanting to show them but with a different texture. the surfaces were polished, achieving a unique stone-like effect which comes from the two kinds of different colored layers of the material itself. Usually PVC tubes have two layers of material each with a different color, this is why this special looking texture appeared after polishing the surfaces.