Black Core House BY Axelrod Architects


image ©Amit Geron


Tel Aviv, Israel

A remodel an existing 1980’s house in a modern white house with black core reflect indoor-outdoor lifestyle . The family life is centered around a lush landscaped courtyard just outside their living-dining space. The house around a new ‘Black Core’, a glossy, black glass elevator that connects the living spaces below to the private sleeping spaces above, the glass surface of the black core inside reflects images of landscape throughout the house, reinforcing the idea of living in nature. The living space opens out to nature with sliding, clear glass openings, an open reading/media area tucked away upstairs allows the family to see each other while still finding quiet space for relaxation. The entry facade of white concrete and matte stucco is perforated by vertical openings and horizontal slits that reveal the indoor-outdoor nature of the home within. The simple clarity of contrasting surfaces – in black & white or glossy & matte – is one of the unifying characteristics repeated in the interior design and the architecture of the building envelope.